Reviews & Feedback Collection

Otix streamlines your review collection process, offering an easy, reliable, and efficient solution to gather customer feedback without any hassle.

Reviews & feedback simplified

Elevating customer insights with streamlined review and feedback collection

Collect Reviews

Otix simplifies gathering customer reviews, enhancing engagement and insights through our efficient review collection tool.

Collect Feedback

Otix's feedback tool offers insightful data, empowering businesses to understand and respond to customer needs effectively.

Review Pages

Otix offers customizable pages, allowing businesses to efficiently collect feedback and display review links all in one place.

Collect Reviews & Feedback

Efficiently connect with customers using scannable QR codes or our branded URL (, encouraging them to share valuable feedback and reviews, and gain insights into their experiences with your business.

Effortlessly engage with your customers and encourage them to provide valuable feedback.

Manage Responses

Access in-depth response data to understand your business performance and customer perceptions. Analyze specifics like feedback timing, customer locations, and actions taken, such as business ratings, Google review link clicks, or detailed experience commentary.

Gain valuable insights into your business performance and your customers’ perception by accessing in-depth response data. Delve into specifics, such as the date and time of the feedback, the customer’s location, and the actions they took, including rating your business, clicking on your Google review link, or providing detailed commentary on their experience.

Obtain in-depth metrics for each customer response, encompassing details such as the date and time, customer’s location, browser, and device type, among other valuable information. Proactively address any negative experiences your customers may have had by reaching out and making amends, effectively preventing them from evolving into unfavorable reviews.

Feedback Pages

Consolidate all your review links (Google, Facebook, Trustpilot, etc.) into one list for easy sharing with customers. This gives customers the freedom to choose their preferred platform for leaving feedback, enhancing the review experience.

Encourage your customers to rate their experience with your business. If they provide a positive rating, express gratitude for their kind feedback. In the case of a negative rating, present a feedback form that allows them to share more details about their experience, helping you better understand and address their concerns.

Enjoy the convenience of consolidating all your review links (Google, Facebook, Trustpilot, and many others) into a single list, which you can then share with your customers. This approach empowers your customers to choose their preferred review platform, allowing them to leave feedback on the website they find most suitable.

At times, obtaining direct feedback from customers without influencing your online reviews is the desired approach. This is where the feedback form proves invaluable, enabling you to gather essential input from your customers without impacting your online reputation.

Our Review & Feedback Collectors in Action

Reviews & feedback is in our DNA

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Yes, you can collect reviews from various platforms, such as Trustpilot and others, by including their links on your pages.

By streamlining the review collection process and encouraging customers to leave feedback, Otix helps you collect more reviews, ultimately improving your online reputation and attracting more customers.

The feedback form allows customers to directly leave feedback for the business owner without posting it on public review platforms. This helps collect valuable feedback that can be used for internal improvements.

The feedback includes details such as the time, location, and the feedback message (if any is left) to help business owners better understand their customers’ experiences.