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Otix offers a straightforward solution for your QR code needs, making it simple, reliable, and efficient to generate QR codes without any hassle.

Simplify your QR code needs

Make your QR codes stand out with customizable designs and tailor-made targeting for more effective outreach

Dynamic QR codes

With Dynamic QR Codes, you have the flexibility to quickly and easily update destination link without having to re-print

Advanced Targeting

With dynamic redirection, you can send customers to various URLs based on set conditions, optimizing target engagement

Detailed Analytics

Analyzing the where and how of a QR code scan can provide invaluable insights on user engagement.

Customizable QRs

Make your qr codes stand out. Create beautiful, unique qr codes that represent your brand perfectly.

How it works



Create a unique QR code that links to a single or multiple destinations – tailored specifically based on the conditions you set.



Make a bold statement with your own branded QR codes! Add custom color and/or logo to create an incredibly personalized QR code.



Get your QR code in the perfect format for any application. Our high-resolution PNG and SVG formats guarantee crisp, clear visuals.

Streamlining QR code creation

At Otix, we've revolutionized the way QR codes are created, making it an effortless and highly customizable process. With Otix, creating a QR code is not just about functionality; it’s about crafting a digital gateway that's both engaging and brand-centric.

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Achieve your marketing goals with dynamic & targeted QR codes

Otix empowers users with advanced QR code targeting, allowing for dynamic URL redirection based on geographic location, browser type, and operating system. Customize and modify these conditions anytime for tailored user engagement.

  • Country Targeting
  • State/Province Targeting
  • Browser Targeting
  • Operating System Targeting

Powerful QR customization features

Create QR codes that are unique and perfect for your brand. With our powerful customization features, you can create qr codes that are perfectly suited to your needs.

  • Custom Color
  • Custom Logo
  • Custom Frame

Still have questions?

We’re happy to answer any questions you have about our products. Feel free to email us or read through our F.A.Q.

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A dynamic QR code gives you the ability to edit the destination URL of the QR code without having to re-print your QR code.

Absolutely, all QR codes created with Otix can be edited or changed anytime in the future.

Absolutely, you have the option to set multiple conditions. You also have the option to “Match All” conditions, meaning the person must match all conditions for the redirect to occur.

Scan data include the user’s scan date, the browser they used, the country they are located in, state or province they are located, and operating system being used.