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Google Reviews QR Code
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In today's digital age, Google reviews are gold. They not only enhance your online reputation but also drive more customers to your door. That's where Otix comes in. Our Google Reviews QR Code and Short URL Generator is designed with you, the savvy business owner, in mind. It's your all-in-one solution to effortlessly boost your online presence and gather feedback that propels your business forward

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Why Choose Otix?

Effortless Sharing

With just a few clicks, create a QR code and a short URL that you can share anywhere — from business cards to receipts, make leaving a review as easy as scanning or clicking.

Instant Feedback Loop

Use the power of immediate customer feedback to improve your services, products, and customer experience.

Boost Your SEO

More reviews mean a better online presence, helping your business rank higher in search results and attract more customers.

Track Your Success

Our dashboard provides insights into how many scans and clicks your QR codes and URLs receive, helping you measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

How It Works

Streamline Your Reviews in Three Simple Steps:


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Create Your QR Code & Short URL

Enter your Google Business profile link, and let our tool do the magic.


Share & Grow

Place your QR code and URL on any promotional material and watch your Google reviews increase.

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